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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need to Know About FlowPaintbar

We realize that questions may come up at points during your browsing and purchasing experience. To make life easier for our clients, we’ve compiled a selection of commonly asked questions. We want to ensure your browsing experience is easy and help facilitate your connection with fantastic art.

Ella Bella's Art

What is Fluid Art?

  • Fluid art is a form of abstract art that involves pouring, dripping, or swirling liquid materials onto a surface to create unique and colorful patterns. It is also commonly referred to as "pour painting" or "acrylic pouring" because acrylic paint is often used in this technique.

  • In fluid art, the paint is thinned with a pouring medium, such as water or a specialized medium designed for this purpose, to create a more fluid consistency that can be easily poured or dripped onto a canvas or other surface. The paint is then manipulated by tilting the surface or using tools like palette knives or blow dryers to create interesting patterns and designs.

  • Fluid art can be done in a variety of styles, from simple and minimalistic to complex and intricate. It has become popular in recent years as a form of experimental art and a therapeutic activity.

What is included in the price?

  • Each individual will receive a canvas, paint, gloves, and an apron. There will be other tools that you will use during the painting process such as craft sticks, plastic cups, etc. 

What if I have to cancel or reschedule my party or painting session?

  • You may contact Ella at at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled party/painting session to request cancelation or propose a new date to reschedule the party. If you cancel prior to 48 hours, you receive a full refund. If you cancel anytime less than 48 hours prior to your session, you will receive 50% of your refund only. If you miss your session, rescheduling won't be possible, and refunds will not be available

FAQs About Ella Bella's Private Studio

What if my party is for a smaller or larger group?

  • Please email and we can figure out the best way forward.

  • At Ella Bella's Studio, I am able to accommodate smaller groups (less than 4 individuals) but the maximum number of individuals I can accommodate is 10 individuals.

  • If your group is larger, we can consider an outdoor painting party or a location of your choosing. If we decide to hold the party at a different location I will provide all the painting material and participants can bring their own drinks. We will just need to make sure there are tables for us to set up the canvases on (depending on the number of participants). There will be an additional 20% charge per participant for the off-site pour parties. 

What if I cannot pick up my dried work of art within the 3-30 days?

  • One of these two could happen in case you are not able to return to pick up your masterpiece.

    • For an additional cost, we can ship your painting to you. Let Ella Bella know if that is the case so she can arrange for that.

    • You could send someone else on your behalf to pick up your art.​

    • We will keep your art in a box to donate it if possible.

What if I want to make a second painting?

  • Depending on how much time is left during our session, you are more than welcome to paint another painting. There will be a small fee of $15 for the painting material. In fact, most of our guests so far have asked to paint a second painting so we totally understand! 

What if I want to paint on a larger canvas?

  • You may contact me at and request to use a larger canvas. There will be an additional cost depending on the size of the requested canvas.

FAQs About Oasis Gallery's Studio

What is the difference between each pour session?

  • Each pouring technique uses different tools. for example. the Dutch pour technique uses a blow dryer and is a more advance technique than a straight/dirty pour. The knife/swipe technique will use a palette knife or any other tool to allow you to pass one color over multiple hues. See below for more details:

  • Straight/Dirty Pour Painting Session

    • The dirty pour, aka straight pour technique, offers artists new to this form a fantastic opportunity to experiment with creating depth and movement through mesmerizing marbling effects.

  • Knife/Swipe Pour Painting Session

    • In the swipe technique, you can smoothly pass one color over multiple hues, yielding captivating cells. Renowned for its distinct lacing, this technique highlights the swiped color along the pour's edge or center.

  • Dutch Pour Painting Session

    • Dutch Pouring is an intriguing acrylic technique that involves manipulating paint on canvas using air, be it from a hair dryer, straw, or your breath. Witness the fascinating results, featuring ribbon-like edges and captivating cell lacing, which define this unique and expressive pouring method.

Why would a pouring session be canceled or rescheduled?

  • Our public pouring sessions at the Oasis Gallery require a minimum number of participants for the event to proceed. If the minimum is not met, we will need to reschedule. Ella Bella will contact you at least 24 hours in advance to inform you of any rescheduling. In the event that you cannot attend the proposed session, you will receive a full refund.

What if I want to paint a second painting or use a larger canvas?

  • You may contact and request to use a larger canvas. There will be an additional cost depending on the size of the requested canvas. If there is sufficient time left during a session, you can paint a second painting at an additional cost of $15.

Where is the Oasis Art Gallery Located?

  • The Oasis Art Gallery is located inside Washington Metro Oasis at the Macy's Home Store in Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda, MD.

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